2023 Advent Devotional (Introduction)

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” - Genesis 1:1

This Advent, our theme is “The Gift of Jesus”.  And this year, our staff has written daily devotions based on scripture passages that point to the gift.  Our prayer is that it will bless you!  

I’ve always been interested in God’s creative power.  HE thought up the “heavens and the earth”.  Think of that!  It’s mind boggling!  The complexity, the precision, the vast and multi-faceted diversity of “creation” tells us something about God!  It speaks of His power.  It speaks of His intelligence.  It speaks of His love.  You know, God didn’t “have to” create anything!  He is complete in and of Himself.  So why do it?  Well, the short answer is relationship.  One of the main characteristics of God is that He is relational.  “Let US make man in OUR image” - Genesis 1:26.  When speaking, God uses the plural to indicate that in the heavenlies, there’s MORE than just “Him”.  And this is where we are first introduces to the reality of the Trinity.  Three persons in One being.  So, “in the beginning”, God shows us He’s relational.  AND, He desires to bless and be in relationship with His creation (i.e. US)!  Now that alone is a mystery!  That is something that, while we can see and understand a “glimpse”, it’s still (as St. Paul says) a “mirror dimly” - 1 Corinthians 13:12.  But this is important for us as His people to grasp.  God….the God Who created the “heavens and the earth”, desires a relationship with creation.  

So as you read each devotion, notice the diversity expressed by the writers.  Yes, you know them by their title or by their job.  But in the coming days, you’ll get a glimpse into the way they think and interact with God’s Word.  Each are unique.  Their personality is evident.  So, these devotions are a unique way for you to deepen your relationship with them.  Also, notice that we had one assignment.  And the assignment was to show how Jesus is the “Gift” that God gave to each of us.  As you read each day, look for Jesus and consider how His gift comes to you this Advent.  Lastly, enjoy the variety and marvel at how ALL throughout scripture from Genesis to the Revelation, you see the Central Character, of scripture.  Jesus IS the point of the Bible and He demonstrates in diverse ways, all throughout scripture,  how He comes and why He comes and the gift He is offering not only mankind, but YOU personally!

May you receive the gift Jesus offers this Advent and my it change your life!

Pastor Tim
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