Spreading Joy 1 Candy Bouquet at a Time

Almost 20 women came together at Alive In Christ over 2 mornings to craft and spread a little joy.  The team assembled 120 candy/flower bouquets.  Some of the ladies worked magic with hot glue guns while others showed off their attention to detail as they made arrangements. You can see them hard at work in many of the pictures below.

In addition to crafting there were a lot of great conversations and new friends made!  
Once the bouquets were assembled another 20 volunteers picked up and delivered 45 of the bouquets to members and regular attendees of Alive In Christ that we hoped would find encouragement from them.  Some bouquets were just dropped at doors with texts or phone calls to let the recipient know they had a surprise.  Most of the bouquets were delivered to the person and some socializing was done.  The prayer was that both the deliverer and recipient would be equally blessed by the gesture. Below are a couple of the responses we received through Facebook to the bouquets.
The additional 75 bouquets were taken by church members, attendees, and attendees of the April 24th "Gaining A Heart of Wisdom" Women's Event to spread a little joy and encouragement to friends, neighbors, and relatives.
A special thank you to Lori Boyken for the candy bouquet idea and to Lori, Linda Wells, and Carla Vogel for brainstorming and working out the logistics for this project.
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