Tithing Her Time

Who else remembers the April 18, 2021 sermon "What I DO Have, I Give!" where Pastor Tim tossed out the radical idea of not only financial tithing, but something much harder for most of us, tithing our time.  That's right, he asked what would happen if each of us gave 2 hours and 40 minutes a day to God's Mission!

One member, Peggy Reed-Lohmeyer, accepted the challenge and decided to see how she could use her gifts and talents to tithe her time.  (Peggy and her husband Steve are long time members of Alive In Christ (AIC).  They joined AIC in 1992 when the church was meeting in Townsend Hall on the University of Missouri campus.)

Crocheting with a Purpose
The following are questions and answers with Peggy on how she is tithing her time to make a difference in God's kingdom.

How did you get started?
When PT (Pastor Tim) challenged us to tithe our time, I thought about what that might look like for me.  For it to be something sustainable, year-round, I knew it would need to be something I could do inside and without much set up or taking up much space.  I thought of crocheting baby blankets for Faith Maternity Care.  When I called them the next day, they said they were overrun with baby blankets, but didn't have enough stroller throws.  They like them smaller than is typical (about 19 inches square), so there is nothing hanging out to get caught on anything.  I also contacted the Linus Project.  They indicated their biggest need was blankets for teen boys.

How are the blankets used?
Faith Maternity makes them available to mom's through their Baby Boutique.  The Linus Project gives homemade blankets to kids in the hospital.

How many blankets have you made since April? 
I have finished 21 stroller throws and am working on my third blanket for the Linus project.

Blanket for the Linus Project
When we first asked Peggy to share a little about what she was doing, we asked her for a picture of the throws and blankets that she had made.  She did not have any pictures so she reached out to Faith Maternity Care to see if they could send her a picture.  All of her throws had already been given away!!  
How were you inspired by Pastor Tim's challenge?  Maybe you weren't able to do 2 hours and 40 minutes a day, but you started something new, please share it with us.  You can either leave a comment or email tammy@aic.org with your story.

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