Wilderness Escape - Days 2 and 3 VBS

We have had so much fun this week exploring through Wilderness Escape! Last night we played games, ate snacks, made necklaces with the sand artisans, and so much more! Moses helped us explore the power of the Passover experience and connecting it to the way God saved us by sending his Son, Jesus, to be the sacrifice for our sins. We learned God saves us, so... trust God!
A member of the Tribe of Asher playing during game time.
The Tribe of Nephtali learning from Miriam the weaver.
The Tribe of Benjamin coloring cards for children served by City of Refuge.
Roasting pheasants (aka rubber ducks) that God provided before bed.  In the morning they woke to manna (aka popcorn) on the ground!
The Tribes enjoyed their daily visits and activities with Moses!
More pictures from days 2 & 3
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