Memorial Day BBQ at In2Action

You may recall that back in March Alive In Christ (AIC) led a weekly Bible Study, made Easter Baskets, and had a special dinner for the men at In2Action.  Both the people at Alive In Christ who headed up the March activities and the men from In2Action were blessed by their time together so much that a group of men from Alive In Christ went back to In2Action for a Memorial Day Weekend BBQ.
The five guys from AIC went all out for this picnic.  Randall Simmons and Pastor Tim smoked meat, Jacob Joos brought the sides, Andrew Ritts provided the desserts, and Scott Schilb served up the food.  The team spent time sitting and talking to the men from In2Action and building relationships.

After the event Alive In Christ received a huge thank you card signed by all of the men (see below) along with a picture of the men with the card (picture & card are hanging on the AIC bulletin board).
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