Rolling Out a New Ministry

Supporting our Young Families - Cradle Roll

Alive In Christ is “rolling” out a new ministry in 2021.  It is our version of the old “cradle roll”.  We have Sunday School and mid-week programming for children and families age 3 years and older. We also want to be intentional with our families who have little ones who are not yet old enough (ages birth to 3yrs) to participate in our formal Sunday School program.
Our Sunday School lead, Katelyn Thompson, had the great idea of giving out books at key milestones (birth, 6 months, 1 year, etc.) until the child is old enough for Sunday School.  In addition to the books and birthday cards we are providing the parents with information to help them raise their child(ren) in the Christian faith.  
This ministry is up and “rolling” with 15 kids enrolled!  This includes all of our kids currently under the age of 3 years. We will automatically “enroll” babies when they are born or older children up to age 3 who start attending Alive In Christ.

In the future, we hope to pair up "experienced/seasoned" parents and grandparents (i.e. buddies) with each family so that the "experienced" parent/grandparent can be the one to write individualized notes in the birthday cards, deliver/hand out the gifts and more importantly can be praying for their paired child and family.  We are still working on getting this "buddy" piece in place.  

If you are interested in being a buddy to a child in the program, please let Tammy Wiese ( know.  The physical commitment is low.  All of the books are available at Alive In Christ.  The birthday cards are preprinted. We can provide you with a list of the milestones for your assigned child. All you need to do is swing by periodically (can be on Sundays) to grab a book and card.

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