Behind the Scenes of the Live Stream Video Feed

Have you ever wondered what it takes to Live Stream the services?  In terms of manpower, it requires two extra people each week to serve on the tech team, one person for the video and one for the audio as well as additional staff and volunteer time to position the cameras for each service.

This blog post is going to focus on the video.  More to come on the audio side in future weeks.
The cameras/video feed are 100% volunteer run.  Volunteers “rehearse” with the band on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings to get ready for service.  They study the music, who is playing what, and playing/singing when in order to capture the best camera angles throughout the service.  This requires roughly 3 hours of “rehearsal” per week in addition to the service itself and any preparation the volunteer does on their own time!  

There are 3 cameras mounted in the sanctuary. The volunteer sits in front of a computer screen that is broken out into 4 windows, one for each camera feed and a fourth for what is actually streaming.  In addition to selecting the camera angles and zooming in and out throughout the service, the volunteer  makes sure the appropriate slides are also appearing across the bottom of the viewer’s screen (e.g. lyrics to worship songs being sung; sermon notes, creeds, etc).
If you have an interest in volunteering in this capacity or elsewhere on the tech team, contact Amanda Dablemont  She can give you more information and also set up a time for you to come by and observe the behind the scenes action.

Meet the video tech team.

We asked each of the video tech team members the following questions:
1) How long have you served on the tech team?
2) Most challenging part of serving on the team?
3) Most rewarding part of serving on the team?
4) Advice to someone considering volunteering on the tech team (run away was not an appropriate response).
5) What is a fun fact about you?

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Nancy Kriete - February 3rd, 2021 at 9:21am

A huge thank you to all who serve AIC in this way. COVID19 has forced many who are high risk to become shut ins. But, there are many who are shut in for various other reasons. Unfortunately, many were lost from a weekly connection to a strong Christ centered church service. Now, because of COVID19, the Lord led the church to step up to this challenge. A blessing through a nasty virus...amazing how God works through His people. Thank you for answering His call.