Thrivent Action Grants - Doing Good in Our Community

Are you a Thrivent Member?  Whether or not you are a Thrivent Member, if you have been around Alive In Christ any length of time, you have likely seen people wearing "Live Generously" t-shirts of various colors.

Thrivent's web-site says that they are an organization that provides "advice, banking, insurance, investment options and guidance on how you can live generously."  Thrivent started out as an insurance company for Lutherans.  That Lutheran background is probably why you see so many of the "Live Generously" t-shirts around our church.  A lot of our members are also Thrivent Members.

Thrivent has a program for its Members called "Thrivent Action Grants."  Basically, every Thrivent Member is given 2 Action Grants per year of up to $250 each that they can use to work with others in their church and community to make a difference!  They also provide t-shirts for Action Team volunteers and a kit of helpful tools to get your project started.
Below are just a few of the ways that our Alive In Christ members used Thrivent Action Grants to do good in our community in the past year.
Our young professionals made blessing bags for the homeless.
One member assembled kits for the homeless and those in need including treats for pets.
A team of Alive In Christ members assembled basket for our members and neighbors who were unable to come to church due to COVID or health issues.
An Alive In Christ family assembled tie blankets for the Linus Project.
Another group put together Christmas Gift bags for the community served by Loaves and Fishes and residents of Paquin Apartments.  The gifts included hats, gloves, socks, blankets, hand warmers and COVID Kits.
Not all of these projects were fully paid for by Thrivent Action Grants but rather the Action Grants allowed the members to do more than they would have been able to without the grants.  Are you a Thrivent Member and not sure how you will use your grants this year?  Let us know.  We often have projects that we can enhance with a Thrivent Action Team grant. (Contact the office or Tammy Wiese at if interested in using one of your grants for an Alive In Christ Outreach project.)
Photo Gallery of Some of Our Thrivent Action Teams Hard at Work

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