Sound Board Project

You may have noticed things look a little different in the sanctuary.  
We have recently updated our soundboard station to a more permanent look.
When the addition was built in 2010, they put the new equipment for the audio technician back in the booth behind the wall.  We came to realize this was not ideal for several reasons, but mostly, the technician cannot hear the audio back in that little room.  

In 2016, we moved the audio engineer out into the sanctuary as a short term trial and soon decided that they could do their job best out from under the ceiling.  However, we never made that move official.

For the last 5 years we have made do with a table and ran wires over the carpet to make sure we had the set up we needed.  But this was not a permanent solution.

With the help of a general contractor, an electrician, and several of our volunteers who support our audio tech, we were able to plan, build and improve our station to a new and improved official station.

An enclosure was built so that we could pull up the carpet, cut into the concrete, and bury the cables running to our board.  The table has been made to give us more space, a way to hide all of the cables and wires, provides storage space with drawers and a much more aesthetically appealing part of our worship space.

With this, we bought a new sound board to replace the sound board we have used since the new addition in 2010.  This allows us to set up a new station for our audio tech who is working our online service with the old sound board.  They will be stationed in room 12.  Audio technicians for the online service need to be away from the acoustic sound of the in house worship space.  In the coming days, they will have monitors and speakers that will allow them to experience the online worship like those at home.

A HUGE thank you to Gary Scheutze for his expertise, his planning, his time, his tools and his heart.  He clearly is using God’s gifts to him to be able to build, plan, and execute something so beautiful and appropriate.  You’ll notice small pieces of detail, such as the AIC logo routed into the front and other small details, like the stained wood top finish to match our cross, that came from his heart to make that piece of furniture absolutely amazing!  

A HUGE thank you to David Ehlman who helped run cables and allow us to be able to set up a new station in room 12.

A HUGE thank you to Mike Moe who helped plan, organize and make sure that our process was complete and we had all of the right materials to make the technology pieces work.

And of course, a HUGE thank you to all of our audio technicians who have said “YES!” to a very intimidating job that is so crucial to the quality of our worship.  
Be sure you stop by the new sound table and room 12 to thank them!!!

Our Audio Team:  
Eric Bassett, Noah Haskamp, Nathan Hoemann, Jonathan Kies, Jacob Schelp, Robyn Schelp, Mike Moe, Kevin  Taylor, Josh Simmons, Oliver Carson, and Randall Simmons
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