In2Action Baskets

Thank you to the many members of the Alive In Christ Family who donated their time and/or treasures during the month of March to In2Action.  

What is In2Action?  The In2Action website says "We help people who are released from prison, stay out of prison. We teach them a new way to live and how to become law-abiding and productive members of our community. One-year recidivism rates for in2Action participants are about half the rate as those in Boone County who are not in our program."

On Mondays in  March several men from Alive In Christ led a Bible Study at In2Action.  Also during this time the people of Alive In Christ brought in donations to make Resurrection (Easter) Baskets for the 40 men currently participating in the In2Action Program.  Members of AIC brought in $10 Walmart gift cards, socks, tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap, candy and other goodies to fill the baskets.  Through a Thrivent Action Grant we were also able to obtain devotionals and book marks for all of the men.
During Christian Growth Hour on Sunday March 28th members of the AIC adult Christian Growth Class filled the baskets and hand wrote cards of encouragement for the In2Action praticipants.

On March 29th, the last Monday of the Bible Study, the In2Action participants and several men from Alive In Christ gathered for a home cooked meal.  The meal was prepared and served by the AIC Young Professionals group.
Below are pictures from the packaging of the baskets, writing of cards, cooking of food, and the Fellowship at Alive In Christ.

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