Children Build Noah's Ark

A Flood Covers the Earth
The children learned about Noah’s story. God warned Noah he was going to send a flood that would make all living things die. We know that sin leads to death, but on the other hand, God’s love lives forever. God showed his love to Noah, his family, and two of each kind of animal.
God told Noah to build an ark (or boat), so the children pretended to be Noah and built their own cardboard boats on Wednesday night. We “chopped down trees” and "made them into boards” so that they could do as God told them to. Once the boats were made, Noah led the animals onto the boat, two-by-two.
Did you know Noah was 600 years old when the flood started? He and his family were on the boat for about a year, so the children sang happy birthday to Noah to celebrate the year spent on the boat. We learned that God gave the world a fresh start. God gives us a fresh start today every time our sin sickness gets the best of us, and Jesus washes away our sin. God always loves us (Wow, God!), and he sees all of us clean, forgiven, and simply loved!

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