Technical Director

Alive In Christ Hire’s It’s First Technical Director
We are pleased to announce the addition of Nate Hoemann to our staff as our first part-time Technical Director.  Nate has been a member of AIC for his entire life and is an active member of our Worship Team.  As we’ve grown in our on-line presence and added to our technical team, we’ve discovered the need for someone to help us not only train new team members but also oversee both the in person technical aspects AND our on-line technical services.  We are confident that Nate’s ability and faithfulness to Alive In Christ’s Worship Ministry will not only enhance our technical ministry but also enable our Worship to be more effective.  Please welcome him to our staff and remember to pray for him and his family!

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Carol Thompson - November 11th, 2021 at 4:44pm

Welcome Nate! Now I know who to go to every time I say I need a young person to show me how to work my stupid phone or computer